1. FS17 unipolar cable
  2. H03VH-H piattina
  3. H03VV H05VV
  4. H07RN-F
  5. FROR
  6. FS18OR18
  7.  FG16OR16 cable
  8. Cavo FG16M16 e FG16OM16
  9.  FROH2R FR2OH2R
  10. Cable FG4OHM1
  11. 07BQ-F
  12. Telephone cables
  13. LAN
  14. Cable tv and cable sat
  15. Braided fabric cable
  16. Other cables
  17. Round fabric cable
  18. W07-FLEX

When working with electrical systems or electrical devices, it is very important to use the highest quality components, even when it comes to simple things. In this way, not only is it possible to have reliable performance, but it guarantees greater safety. In this section of Punto Luce you will find a wide selection of electrical cables of all types, in order to satisfy every request related to a specific project. The products on sale are made of every material both for what concerns the covering and for what concerns the filaments: cotton, silk and more are available. It is also possible to choose between different colors, in order to adapt to specific regulations for the systems and needs. On sale in this section multipolar cables and unipolar cables, but also low voltage and high voltage. For other types of projects there are telephone line cables and cables for satellite and non-satellite TVs. It is possible to buy products in different sizes, even over 200 meters.