1. FS17 unipolar cable
  2. H03VH-H flat cable
  3. H03VV-F and H05VV-F Multi-core Cable
  4. H07RN-F
  5. FROR cable
  6. FS18OR18
  7.  FG16OR16 cable
  8. FG16M16 and FG16OM16 Cable
  9. FROH2R and FR2OH2R shielded cable
  10. FG4OHM1 cable for fire fighting
  11. Flexible 07BQ-F cable
  12. Telephone cables
  13. Lan network cable
  14. Cable tv and cable sat
  15. High and low temperature resistant cable
  16. Cable H03VVH2-F
  17. Fabric braid cable
  18. Round electrical cable
  19. Various electrical cables
  20. W07-FLEX cable

Electrical cables, wiring and wires: discover our extensive catalog

When it comes to selecting the right components for your system, the quality of cables and cabling is critical. With a wide range of options available on the market, it is crucial to choose products that not only meet your specific needs, but also exceed safety and reliability standards.

From power cords to jumper wires, every detail matters in ensuring your electrical system functions optimally. Explore our wide range of power cables, cabling, and electrical wires designed to meet your most specific needs with flawless performance.

Online power cable catalog

In this category you will be able to find a wide variety of electrical cables at the best price such as: single and multi-core cables, PVC cables, fire cables, telephone cables, and even lan network cables, TV and Sat cables, fabric and braided round cables and many more.


The power cable catalog is divided into categories of use to facilitate the search. FS17 single-core cable, H03VH-H flat cable, H03VV-F and H05VV-F multi-core cable, H07RN-F cable, FROR cable, FS18OR18 cable, FG16OR16 cable, FG16M16 and FG16OM16 cable, FROH2R and FR2OH2R shielded cable, FG4OHM1 cable for fire fighting.

Cable prices are discounted and among the best on the market, while the cost is highlighted clearly and transparently. On this page you will find all the cabling available in our warehouse, but if something is not available contact us and we will order it for you quickly.