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Gate automation

Gate automation: the best brands to automate your gate


Gate automation is the ideal solution for those who need to conveniently open and close their gate through a remote control and without having to get out of their car.


In this category you can find a selection of electric gate automation, shutters and blinds and accessories from top brands such as Faac gates, Came, Elvox and BFT. Within the sections are all the products useful for the operation of sliding or swing gates. You can also buy spare parts for automatic gates such as photocells, radio control systems and transmitters.

Automatic gate kits prices and offers


To automate your gate, the automatic gate kit is the best choice as it provides everything you need for a simple and intuitive installation. In fact, the gate kit includes the motor for sliding or swing gates depending on the type of kit you buy, the photocells, the board for automatic gates that will be connected to the motor and all the other components needed to automate the gate.


In our gate automation catalog you will be able to find all spare parts for automatic gates at the best price!