Civil series

  1. ABB Chiara
  2. Ave Sistema 44
  3. Ave Series 45
  4. BTicino Axolute
  5. BTicino Living Now
  6. BTicino LivingLight
  7. BTicino Living International
  8. BTicino Luna
  9. BTicino Magic
  10. Bticino Matix
  11. BTicino Matix Go
  12. Bticino My Home
  13. Gewiss Chorus
  14. Gewiss Playbus
  15. Gewiss System
  16. Vimar Eikon
  17. Vimar Arke
  18. Vimar Linea
  19. Vimar Idea
  20. Vimar Plana
  21. Vimar 8000
  22. Urmet Simon Nea
  23. Accessories
  24. Arteleta Integro

Thanks to technological innovations and competitive development among market-leading companies such as AVE, BTicino, Vimar and Gewiss, today in the field of the civil series of electrical systems we have an increasingly wide range of control devices, sockets, supports and above all finishing plates, made in numerous colors and models, as well as types, such as built-in ones, with prices of all kinds that allow you to make a choice appropriate to your needs and availability. In the catalog, also proposed in these pages, it is possible for example to find cheaper solutions, such as the plates made with the technopolymer material, or more classic and elegant in wood; but there is also room for innovative anodised or liquid-effect plates, as well as for exclusive models in Carrara marble, for those who aim for excellence and are not afraid of spending. The end result is the certainty of being able to find the right element to dress and embellish your home, whatever the style and furnishing idea we prefer, thanks to the study that the best brands in the sector have dedicated to finishes, materials and color solutions to expand the choice available to us in every installation situation.