Lighting Accessories

  1. Table lamp switches
  2. Diverters
  3. Footswitches
  4. Brightness controllers
  5. Plastic lamp holders
  6. Metal lampholder
  7. Porcelain lampholders
  8. Candle lamp holders and accessories
  9. Other lamp holders
  10. Reactors and starters for fluorescents
  11. Low voltage transformers
  12. Cables for lampshades
  13. Ceiling medallions
  14. Other accessories
  15. Reflectors
  16. Step by step relay

All the quality of the products on Punto Luce and years of experience to always offer customers the best. In this section you will find a wide selection of lighting accessories, products for lamps and first choice spare parts. The large catalog is designed to satisfy every type of request and to offer the right product for each device, both for internal and external lighting, adaptable to any environment, from the bathroom to the kitchen. In fact, you can find switches of all kinds, steering wheels or pedals, which adapt to different types of lamps, abat-jours, ceiling lights or floor lamps. Different types of diverters and buttons are also on sale, as well as dimmers. But you can also find step-by-step relays and motion sensors. In this section there are a wide range of lamp holders, divided by different materials, and for different uses: in fact, you can find lamp holders in plastic, metal and porcelain; you can also find candle-shaped or fluorescent lamp holders, or even rosettes and reflectors, suitable for specific requests. You can also buy ballasts and transformers here.