Shipping Methods

Corriere UPS scelto da Punto Luce e da milioni di persone

What countries do we ship to?


Italy - GLS, DHL and UPS

Austria - DHL

Belgium - DHL

Bulgaria - DHL

Croatia - DHL

Denmark - DHL

Estonia - DHL

Finland - DHL

France - DHL

Germany - DHL

Greece - DHL

Ireland - DHL

Latvia - DHL

Lithuania - DHL

Luxembourg - DHL

Netherlands - DHL

Poland - DHL

Portugal - DHL

Czech Republic - DHL

Romania - DHL

Slovakia - DHL

Slovenia - DHL

Spain - DHL

Sweden - DHL

Hungary - DHL


For shipments to countries NOT listed please email us


To ensure safe, fast, and reliable deliveries to customers, Punto Luce has chosen UPS, DHL, and GLS.


Indicatively, without implying any obligation for Punto Luce and subject to product availability on the market as well as any force majeure events, the merchandise will be delivered according to the following timeframe: if all the merchandise is immediately available, shipping will be entrusted to the courier within 24/48 hours of receiving payment; the products will be delivered by the courier within the following 24/48 hours, except for the islands, for which 72 hours are expected.


The purchased products will be delivered by the courier UPS, DHL, or GLS to the address provided by the customer, so it is essential to provide a complete delivery address including all its parts such as the house number and the exact name on the doorbell.


Furthermore, UPS helps avoid life being conditioned by waiting for packages. The customer can send the products to one of the UPS Access Point™, which are neighborhood stores they collaborate with, and then pick them up at the most convenient time. This way, the customer has the certainty that the packages will be safe, and thanks to locations open in the evenings and on weekends, they will be able to pick them up calmly.


Each shipment will be preceded by an email notifying the shipment and allowing you to know the shipment number to track its position. Product deliveries by the courier will take place during all working days within 24/48 hours depending on the shipping area.


The contribution for transportation, to be added to the price of the purchased products, will be automatically calculated by the system based on the weight of the shipment and the delivery area. The shipment of products by Punto Luce may be split, upon the customer's request, upon payment of a new shipping fee.


The shipped products are contained in cardboard boxes of various sizes, sealed on the top and bottom and on the sides with personalized tape.


We recommend (in case of purchasing fragile products) selecting insured courier service.


According to Article 63 of the Consumer Code, any damage to the packaging of the products must be immediately contested by the customer by placing a written control reserve on the proof of delivery. It is understood that, once the delivery document is signed without any objection, any exception regarding the external characteristics of the delivered items will be precluded.




Upon receipt, the customer is required to verify the conformity of the product delivered to him/her in relation to the order placed, as follows:


  • The number of packages indicated on the carrier's letter corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered;
  • The package is intact, not damaged or wet, and not compliant with the standard characteristics (described above) of a Punto Luce package.


Only after such verification, the customer must sign the delivery, after which no objection can be raised regarding the external characteristics of the items delivered in relation to the order placed. In case there is no correspondence between the order and the delivery, according to the aforementioned methods, the customer must not accept the goods and raise the objection directly to the carrier.


In case of noises indicating broken merchandise, we recommend signing with the phrase "RECEIVED WITH INTERNAL CONTROL RESERVE".


In case of problems, it is also a good practice to keep all packaging, label markings, and anything else that may be useful to facilitate a quick solution to the problem.


In the event that the courier is chosen by the customer outside of those proposed at the time of purchase, the risk of damage and loss of the products is transferred to the customer already at the time of delivery to the carrier, precluding any objections regarding the external characteristics of the delivered items. In this case, any objection must be raised directly by the customer against the courier.