• On every item I find "Min., And mult. Order: 1 Package Quantity: 50" means that I must buy 50 meters?

No, it's the minimum order quantity and the quantity contained in a package; hypothesis if we buy 60 meters of cable, we know that we will be sent a skein of 50 mt and 10 mt


  • How do I know if the material is available?

For availability simply enter the desired quantity of the item in the shopping cart; if the program does not say anything about the merchandise, it is available immediately, otherwise you will see the average waiting times because the material might be available at one of our branches or by reassortment from the manufacturer.


  •  I would like to know when my order will be processed

Normally orders are processed within the time specified at time of order which should correspond to the processing date sent by us at the start processing order.


  •  I have a list of materiale and I would like a quote 

It doesn't matter that you send us the list, simply enter the desired quantites fot the items in your shopping cart. In this way you will see the cost of materials, the cost of shipping and the average delivery times.


  • Do all the prices include VAT?

The prices are already inclusive of VAT. 


  • I cannot find the sales document, what can I do?

All orders, invoices and receipts are available for customers by clicking on "Orders and Invoices".