Plants to be built

  1. Conduits and manholes
  2. Flexible hose
  3. Fruit boxes
  4. Junction boxes
  5. Lids for boxes
  6. Recessed switchboards

Every electrical installation involves recessed elements, and even if they are not always visible, they must always be of excellent quality to avoid problems over time and above all, in the case of visible parts, good aesthetics, adaptable to the styles of the rooms. At Punto Luce you will find accessories for recessed installations of great quality. Conduits of different sizes are on sale, depending on your needs, as well as pole boxes, with covers. Also in this section are junction boxes for both masonry and light walls: these are products easily adaptable to any environment and unobtrusive. You can also find fruit boxes and a whole range of components to match. These boxes are suitable for every type of wall, every type of installation, including telephone and are also of different sizes. For electrical panels and switches there are flush-mounted switchboards, in every color and size, adaptable to every type of decor. Finally, you will be able to find hoses for cables and covers for boxes.