Telephone materials

  1. Cordless phones
  2. GSM telephones
  3. Phone adapters and filters
  4. Telephone extensions
  5. Telephone sockets and plugs
  6. Telephone switchboards
  7. USB power supply kit
  8. VoIP phones and adapters

The telephone is an object that has been in the homes of Italians for decades now, and it is a device that is always evolving to meet everyone's needs. Technologies are always changing, so as to offer an increasingly active communication experience. For this reason, accessories must also always be on the cutting edge, so as to adapt to the changing devices. At Punto Luce you will be able to find telephone equipment of the highest quality for sale. The aim is to offer a product that is always in step with the times, starting with the devices and ending with the simplest components, which, as you know, are the basis of a reliable telephone system. In fact, on the site you will be able to find numerous telephone sockets and plugs; also on sale are cables and extension cords for different uses and different colors; along with these you can also buy many filters and adapters such as couplers, switches and ADSL filters of different types. This section also features cordless and corded phones with and without Voip. GSM phones are also present.