FS17 cable - 2.50 mm2 black cord

FS17 cable - 2.50 mm2 black cord
  • FS17 cable - 2.50 mm2 black cord
  • FS17 cable - 2.50 mm2 black cord

FS17 cable - 2.50 mm2 black cord

of Cavo

FS17 type single-core cable, black
Sold by the metre, in skeins of 100 metres

VAT included
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FS17 450/750V single-core power cable

Nominal section: 2.50 mm2

Rated voltage Uo/U: 450/750V

Outer diameter approx.: 4.1mm

Insulation: S17 quality PVC

EN 13501-6 class: S3 - A3 - D1

Conductor Material: Copper

Max and min operating temperature: +70°C / -10°C

Available in the colors Orange, Light Blue, White, Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow/Green, Grey, Brown, Black, Pink, Red, Purple.

FS17 cables are particularly suitable for installation inside exposed or recessed pipes or even similar closed systems, in any case only inside buildings.

For installation inside lighting fixtures or switching and control equipment. In this case, use is permitted for voltages up to 1000 V AC and 750 V DC in relation to earth.

Cable not suitable for outdoor installation.

Reference Construction Products Regulation

305/2011/EU and EN 50575 Standard:

Cables suitable for power supply in buildings and other civil engineering works with the aim of limiting the production and spread of fire and smoke.

Complying with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Our cables are produced by: Baldassari, Icel, Prysmian, La Triveneta Cavi and General Cavi, the manufacturer will be selected at the time of shipment based on the availability of our warehouses.