Immergas Victrix Tera 24 V2 24.5KW boiler

Immergas Victrix Tera 24 V2 24.5KW boiler

Immergas Victrix Tera 24 V2 24.5KW boiler

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Immergas 3.032927 - VICTRIX TERA 24 V2 boiler
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Seasonal efficiency at 94%: the boiler can reach a higher energy classification (A+), if combined with an advanced thermoregulator (e.g. SMARTECH PLUS, CARV2 or CRD PLUS).

Low consumption: the low consumption circulator allows significant savings in electricity.

Tax relief: you can take advantage of the tax deductions in force.


DOMINUS App: simple and intuitive, it allows you to check the operation and temperature of the boiler, activate its switching on and off from anywhere via smartphone or tablet.

Ease of use: practical buttons and a backlit display allow you to easily manage and view the boiler settings.

In collaboration with the Immergas Authorized Assistance Center, it can be activated during the initial check.

Optional. Formula Comfort 10: uses the most complete maintenance program lasting 10 years without activation costs, with the possibility of extending it up to 15 years.


Ecological class 6 (UNI EN 15502 standard), the best for reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX).

Eco-compatible technology: complies with the European ErP and ELD Directives, allowing high energy efficiency classes to be achieved in heating and hot water production.


VICTRIX TERA V2 can be connected to collective flues thanks to the safety devices supplied and with the help of a specific optional kit.

VICTRIX TERA V2 boilers have obtained Hydrogen Ready certification.

VICTRIX TERA V2 can now run on methane, LPG, propane air and a mixture of up to 20% hydrogen.


Compact size: convenient and easy to install.

IPX5D electrical protection.

Positioning: approved to operate indoors and outdoors in partially protected places.

Antifreeze as standard down to -5°C.