MO-EL SRL offers solutions for the fight against mosquitoes and insect pest control in both the professional and domestic sectors.

Eliminating insects, flies and mosquitoes with MO-EL disinfestation products is very simple.

The MO-EL insect killers, professional electric fly-killer eliminate intruders without poisons or toxic substances; they destroy mosquitoes by acting on their instincts to lure them into traps without the use of chemicals.

The MO-EL electroinsecticides are also available in the version with protection against water and are effective against mosquitoes even outdoors.

University tests have shown the effectiveness of MO-EL mosquito killers, confirming the usefulness of the company's devices.

In addition, MO-EL also offers a "professional" catalog in which it has thought about the needs of restaurateurs and large-scale retailers.