Playbus control and signaling devices

  1. 1
    Playbus - 12V buzzer
    VAT included
  2. 2
    Playbus - 12V ringtone
    VAT included
  3. €31.85pcs
    VAT included
  4. 4
    Playbus - buzzer 230V
    VAT included
  5. €248.68pcs
    VAT included
  6. €11.17pcs
    VAT included
  7. €11.17pcs
    VAT included

The Gewiss Playbus domestic range has been designed to simplify installation and satisfy the need for high quality, reliability and complete with an avant-garde, new and modern design.

The Gewiss Playbus series is made with refined materials and great care in the printing of plastics, showing great quality in all components and showing itself in a new and innovative guise.

In this category you will find all the devices of the Gewiss Playbus series in White color such as buzzers, ringing devices, etc.