Soldering irons, tinters and accessories

  1. 1
    60W pen tinner
    VAT included
    Made in China
  2. €3.39pcs
    VAT included
    Replacement tip Ø 5 mm conical (set of 3 pcs.)
  3. €15.89pcs
    VAT included
    15W soldering iron with fine tip, for professional use Ø 3.5mm in nickel-plated copper
  4. €9.60pcs
    VAT included
    Soldering iron, power 40 W, for soldering with 220V power supply
  5. €2.79pcs
    VAT included
    Rosin 3-Channel Self-Soldering Tin and Lead Wire, 1 Meter Butterfly
  6. €58.53pcs
    VAT included
    Self-welding wire with 3 channels and 500 g spool, approximately Ø 1.22 mm.
  7. 7
    Welding kit with LED lamp
    VAT included
    Fixpoint 45241 - Welding kit