TH/400 BB white wall chronothermostat

TH/400 BB white wall chronothermostat

TH/400 BB white wall chronothermostat

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Ultra-flat chronothermostat with an elegant design and small dimensions. The TH/400 can be easily placed in any living context thanks to its extremely small size and quick fixing without the need for recessing. It is ready to use thanks to the standard programs in memory (heating and cooling), which can be modified as desired and restored to the initial settings.


The THERMOPROGRAM TH400 programmable thermostat has been designed to guarantee ideal temperature conditions at all times of the day and for every day of the week.

Its installation takes just a few minutes: it is in fact connected to the air conditioning system with just two wires. Three LR03 1.5V AAA micro-style alkaline batteries ensure power for THERMOPROGRAM for over a year. Once installed, it is ready to run with its standard program in permanent memory.

Based on actual needs, the program can be modified as desired by setting the desired temperatures at different times of the day and week. THERMOPROGRAM can be programmed extremely easily, even before being installed; a large display facilitates this operation, allowing you to "see" all the data and programs set and modify them as desired at any time.

The thermal differential is programmable from ± 0.1 °C to ± 0.9 °C. THERMOPROGRAM can control both heating and cooling systems and can be installed to replace a pre-existing on/off thermostat.

Model TH/400 BB
Color White
Dimension (mm) 116 x 80 x 21
Mounting type Wall mounted
Certification THERE IS


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