TH-555C wall-mounted room thermostat

TH-555C wall-mounted room thermostat

TH-555C wall-mounted room thermostat

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The TH-555c electronic thermostat is a 230V powered device capable of controlling a heating or cooling system, depending on the settings

Mechanical thermostat with on/off indicators.

Selectable temperature from 5 to 30°c

The thermostat allows you to turn on and off all types of electrically powered appliances, such as circulation pumps, burners or motor-driven mixing valves.

The use of the thermostat is recommended in domestic rooms.

It must be installed at a height of approximately 1.5 meters from the walking surface in a position suitable for correctly detecting the room temperature, avoiding installation in niches, behind doors and curtains or areas influenced by heat sources or atmospheric factors; in particular, installation on perimeter walls or in association with heat-generating devices (e.g. regulators or lamps) must be avoided.


Technical specifications:

• Electronic thermostat

• Power indicator

• Temperature selectable from 5 to 30°

• 230Vac power supply

• Length 7.3 cm

• Width 7.3 cm

• Depth 3.1 cm

• Made in PRC