Europa - porcelain diverter

Europa - porcelain diverter

Europa - porcelain diverter

SKU: CUV7501
Barcode: 8006412750108
C'era Una Volta 7501 Europa - porcelain diverter

Made in Italy

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Porcelain body with 10A 250V rotary switch and porcelain base to be fixed to the wall for the creation of exposed systems as in the past.

It has 4 side slots on the base for cable passage.

Can be used directly on the wall without a wooden rosette.

The diverter is that component of the electrical system used to turn on a 2-point light.

In the case of multiple switch-ons we recommend using rotary buttons 7502 with the appropriate box with step-by-step relay 7509.

These are not replicas, but original products inspired by the shapes of objects from the 30s and 40s of the last century.


• Rotary switch 10A 250V

• Width 8.0 cm

• Height 7.3 cm



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