Corriere UPS scelto da Punto Luce e da milioni di persone

To secure fast, sure and reliable delivery to our customers, Punto Luce chose UPS.

Deliveries normally take place in 24/48 hours.

Shipping charges are calculated automatically on the weight of the products that are placed in the cart.

 The goods are shipped with insurance against damage, robbery, theft and loss, if selected and accepted by the customer at time of order.
Associated with each order placed, is present (and communicated to the customer by e-mail or indicated within their user area) a "tracking number".

It is an identification number with which you can know the exact location of the parcel shipped.

 If it is not possible to complete the delivery due to the absence of the recipient, the couriers leave a notice or they will contact the customer by telephone. The recipient can then arrange for a second delivery or collection of the goods at the branch office of the courier.



Instructions to the delivery of the goods traveling with insurance.
Upon receipt of the material and before signing the document to the carrier who will deliver the goods, please carefully check that the number of packages delivered is the same of those cited in our document, then check the physical condition of the packages with special attention, making sure that these have not been tampered with and that are closed with our tape of a single model.

We recall that in case you should put your signature without contesting any obvious damage you raise the Courier any liability for damage incurred during shipping.

 Within three days of receipt check the contents of all the packages and if you have problems, please send message via email to Punto Luce specifying the damage found with the greatest possible care.

If there were to be some misunderstanding send us an email or a fax indicating the number of the document, a description of the damage.

It 's a good idea to keep all packaging, labels, marks and whatever may be useful to facilitate the rapid resolution of the problem.