THALOS white wall room thermostat

THALOS white wall room thermostat

THALOS white wall room thermostat

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Wall-mounted touch screen thermostat and battery powered. The touch screen keyboard is represented by 2 icons which, combined with the display with blue backlighting (activated at the touch of a key), guarantees elegance and sobriety to the product. The "keyboard lock" function with password, useful for example for installations in public places, prevents changes to the settings by unauthorized persons. The digital input allows the connection of an external device with which to reduce the setpoint by 3°C.

The thermostat allows you to turn on and off all types of electrically powered appliances, such as circulation pumps, burners or motor-driven mixing valves.

The use of the thermostat is recommended in domestic rooms.

It must be installed at a height of approximately 1.5 meters from the walking surface in a position suitable for correctly detecting the room temperature, avoiding installation in niches, behind doors and curtains or areas influenced by heat sources or atmospheric factors; in particular, installation on perimeter walls or in association with heat-generating devices (e.g. regulators or lamps) must be avoided.



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