ZA3P spare electronic board

ZA3P spare electronic board

ZA3P spare electronic board

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Electronic board for ZA3P replacement.

Multifunction control panel for swing gates, with limit switch management and slowing speed adjustment. The control devices and accessories are 24V and the accessories must not exceed a total of 20W.

The card provides and controls the following functions:

- automatic closing after an opening command;

- pre-flashing of the movement indicator;

- obstacle detection when the gate is stopped at any point;

- adjustment of the driving torque of the connected automation;

- water hammer on opening;

- fixed slowdown of 10 seconds with adjustable speed;

The command modes that can be defined are:

- opening closing;

- opening/closing with maintained action;

- partial opening; - total stop.

The photocells, after detecting an obstacle, can cause:

- reopening if the gate is closing;

- reclosing or partial stop if it is opening;

- partial stop if it is opening.

Special trimmers regulate:

- the automatic closing intervention time;

- closing delay of the M2 gearmotor;

- working time.

It is also possible to connect gate open signal lamps, cycle lamps and electric lock.

All connections are protected by fast fuses.